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Why add audio to your website?

You can offer commercial messages, and product specials, post audio information online for co-workers or clients, broadcast lectures, recorded meetings, or sales presentations. Add a personalized welcome message to your customers/clients. Cross-promote by running your pre-recorded radio commercial, or tell of your company's history. Offer actual customer's testimonials. If it can be recorded, it can be on your website.

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Add impact to your web presence by supplying streaming audio sound to your site!  At the click of a mouse your audience will hear your message stream via MP3, RealAudio, or other agree upon format.

Clients that currently use audio on their website:

 Doug Bey Marianne Garver

Why add Audio?

A survey by Real Networks showed when  audio was added to a website the following results were achieved:

How to get started:

The first step of course is to decide what type of audio you wish to add to your site:

Existing Audio
Already have pre-produced audio? Perhaps a recorded sales presentation, commercial, lecture, or other message?  Simply supply us with the original recording on disc, thumb drive, external hard drive, or on traditional media such as CD, cassette, or reel to reel tape, and we will convert it or encode it to the agreed upon format and place it on your website!

Custom audio:
EB has supplied audio production for media including but not limited to Radio, Television, and the Internet. We will consult with you in order to conceive, write, and produce the best possible audio segment(s) to improve your traffic, promote name recognition, and increase your bottom line!
We believe in producing audio that sells. In order to most effectively accomplish this we offer our commercial productions in the form of units. We fully understand the time restraints of traditional media and will execute exact time messages when applicable.

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Audio Replication services are also available. Contact us for details.

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