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Bells and Whistles:

As you surf the web, you no doubt have come across websites that you consider cool. Using animation, Javascript, Dynamic HTML and others. First let us say: If that's what you want, we can help. Now before you decide, you should know that many of the flashy features seen on the web require the latest technology and significantly more bandwidth. Translation: If the web viewer does not have the latest browser, or a high speed connection, they may either not be able to see them at all, or tire of waiting for the download and move on.  Also some of the effects currently available require a Plug-in or addition to your computer to view.

Of the "cool" sites you have seen, how many of them offered valuable content, or answered your questions?  Or was it all just "eye candy"?

Remember that your website is a reflection of yourself; an extension of your business or service. Your website may be the only office or sales floor your potential client/customer ever sees, so the smart money goes to developing a professional web environment that can supply the viewer with the pertinent information in a fast, easily navigated format.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and help develop a custom web design and layout targeted at your business' audience and demographics.

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