EB Creative Web Design, Graphics, Audio & More!  Professional and affordable web design, graphics and audio geared toward maximizing your web presence.

Our Small Business Package is designed to include everything a business needs to gain a presence on the Internet. We take great pride in our service to you and promise prompt responses to your questions, fast  implementation of changes, and overall, strive to make your web experience a pleasant one. 

We  do the web work, so you can concentrate on your business!

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Here's what you get:

A free consultation to discuss your desires and goals, and how we can best implement them to give your business the best possible web presence.

A sample page. Curious what your website might look like? We offer a speculative example of your website at no charge or obligation. At EB Creative Web design, Graphics, Audio, we want you to know and be happy with what you are getting.

Set up from start to finish, including custom design and layout targeted at your business' audience and demographics.

Custom graphical interface (links) that allows users to easily navigate your website and quickly find exactly what they might be looking for, resulting in longer viewing and better retention of your product or service.

Image scans of your business logo, personnel, and up to 20 products with clean up at no extra charge.

Registration to the general submission areas of top search engines including  Google, Bing, Yahoo and one of your choosing, and placement of meta-tags (Keywords so your site can be easily located on the web.)

Custom HTML (hyper text markup language). The coding used to design your site.

Guaranteed compatibility with the latest web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Monthly site backups.  Each month we save and burn to disc your entire website. If for any reason, anything should happen to the server or your content, it will be safely backed up. (To date this feature has never come into play)

Domain name registration and hosting fees included. Initial set up fee covers the first year of domain name registration. Consecutive years will be billed to you directly from Network Solutions. Or we will be happy to handle them and simply re-bill you for re-imbursement.  We can not be responsible for any rate changes incurred through Network Solutions or any similar registration firm that may be used.

Up front pricing - NO hidden charges - See our Pricing Page.

The information on this website does not constitute an agreement or contract.

Contact us now to get the ball rolling!

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