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As a client of EB Creative,  your website has been submitted to the top search engines. What are search engines and how do they work?

There are literally 100s of search engines on the web and it seems like everyone has their personal favorite, and each engine can be different than the others. Some of these engines use a robot program to scan the internet called "A Spider". When a site is found, it automatically views the source of the page, reads the HTML coding known as "meta" tags, and stores parts of that information. 

What the Spider reads looks something like this:

<title>EB Creative web design, graphics, audio. Search Engine comments</title>
<meta NAME="description" CONTENT="Professional and affordable artwork,logos,buttons,icons,backgrounds and web design geared toward maximizing your web presence.">
<meta NAME="keywords"
CONTENT="Web design,website,webpages,marketing,graphics,logos,buttons,icons,artwork,
animation,gif,jpeg,backgrounds,Bloomington, IL, Normal IL,Central Illinois,">

Some of the aforementioned engines simply store the Title of the site. Others go for the description, and yes there are those who actually index the Keywords. Those that do generally have rules to only take the first 11 or 15. Others more, some less. Some will discard all the info if a word is repeated more that "X" times, or not separated by a comma. EB Creative will account for all possibilities by making sure your site will be indexed by including all pertinent meta coding.

A second type of search engine is one that bases it’s results on popularity. They in essence scan the internet looking for links and if they should find numerous links to any given site, that must mean that it’s a good site – many people link to it so it must be popular. The more links to you, the higher your resulting listing. Take the time to read our article on marketing, and try to get as many other sites as possible to link to yours. Avoid established banner exchange programs or large free link pages. These are generally used only by non-professional sites.

Let’s look at a third type of engine – listings based on website content.  Such as www.google.com .

Google indexes results by content.  Google and others don’t even spider the coded keywords, they simply index the content of the page.  These days many of the search engines are going to this form of search – direct content, because so many webmasters would abuse the coded keyword system… They’d offer words that didn’t have anything to do with the content just to gain hits and charge higher rates to potential advertisers. The key to scoring high on engines like google is to fine tune the actual text/content of your site, making sure that it contains words that might be used by people searching for your services.

So, is there a magic touch to getting high results in any given search engine? Perhaps, but it's going to cost you. These days some search engines are selling placement. Believe it or not (and you may have seen this) many of the top listed search results are bought and paid for. Other than that there is NO way to insure top placement forever. There are companies that claim for a fee they will submit your site and guarantee top placement. I have had associates try this method with poor results, however should you ever choose to pursue this avenue, get something in writing that guarantees top placement, a list of engines being submitted to and a money back guarantee. Then check - if you’re not on top… get your money back. Good luck. You’ll find they have some type of rule saying "well we have to resubmit every X weeks… and for the low low price of….

One of the main reasons high placement is difficult to achieve is the ever growing internet. These search engines are working 24/7 spidering sites. Along with everything mentioned above and the constant additions of new websites it takes literally weeks and sometimes months to even get a site listed at all.

Search engines can be a good tool, but the very best way to gain hits and traffic was mentioned above, and that would be self-promotion.

Should you have any specific questions on this issue, don’t hesitate in contacting us.