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Reasons to have EB design and develop your website:

Better than a Business Card:

Over 800 million people have access to the Internet .  Imagine being able to hand out 800 Million business cards that not only tell your name, address and phone number, but list your store hours, shows a map to your location, and actually displays pictures and specifications of your products or service, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, all year.

More targeted than a Yellow Pages Ad:

You'll get all the advantages mentioned above, plus, your customers/clients will have your undivided attention. As they browse through your site, they won't be faced with your competitors' ads right next to yours.  Unlike a Yellow Page ad, timely changes can be implemented.

Stronger impact than a Newspaper Ad:

When customers/clients log on to your website, it's no accident.   You don't have to worry if your ad will be seen.  Further, there is no newspaper in the world that can match the circulation of the world wide web.

Superior to a Radio Announcement:

Using the technology of streaming audio, the Internet can deliver a visual and audio experience.  Speak to your website visitors. Tell them about your specials, and educate them on your services. If it can be recorded, it can be online at your website.

Are we saying don't advertise anyplace else?

NO. The Internet is a valuable, modern necessity that adds a new dimension to these forms of media, allowing you to cross promote like never before. Regardless of where you advertise, adding your website address is a profitable advantage. Within minutes they can be online visiting your site finding detailed specifications of your products or services.

who better?

So... Why have a website?

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